Fast Interconnect

What we will do for you:

  • We will provide a quote for your Hardware, PCB, Firmware and Embedded Software requirements that will be 40% to 50% lower than what is currently being charged by other services.
  • Depending upon your requirements, you may utilize our services only for PCB design or Hardware proto-typing or Firmware/Embedded Software only or Turn-Key solutions including hardware proto-typing and Firmware/Embedded Software .
  • Communication is via the internet and the files are delivered by email or available via drop box.
  • For Schematic Capture and PCB Design only requirements :

  • You will receive PDF versions of your schematic or PCB layout for review and approval and once approved the native files will be sent via encrypted zip files that can be decrypted by a password provided by Fast Board Design. You then may take these files and have them turned into physical boards by your favorite PCB fabricator or full turnkey assembly shop.
  • Fast Interconnect, LLC also has cost effective fabrication and assembly services available should you need that service.
  • For Hardware proto-typing and Turn-Key Solutions :

  • You will receive the design files/documents at each stage of the development for review. You will receive all the design files with user manuals and Test Reports along with the proto-type of the hardware module or the product.
  • For the Firmware/Embedded Software requirements :

  • You will receive the design documents, source code, executables and the Test Results and Reports. You will also get the installation guide and user manual.