Fast Interconnect

What services are available?

You name it we can handle it.From PCB layout to full product development. Do you need a complete solution? We can provide that to you from start to completed, working, product in your hands.

Here is a list of what we can do:

Board Design:

  • Schematic capture
  • PCB layout
  • Signal integrity simulation
  • Thermal analysis

Product Design:

  • Hardware Design
  • Board/PCB Design
  • PCB fabrication
  • Parts procurement
  • PCB assembly
  • Hardware and Software Integration
  • Product Testing
  • Proto shipment
  • Mass Production

Embedded Software:

  • Firmware Development
  • DSP, Microcontroller and FPGA programming
  • RTOS/LINUX Development
  • Middleware
  • Device Drivers
  • IP Development Solutions

IOT Solutions:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions
  • Android IOT Applications
  • Remote Monitoring Solutions

All of the above services, even if you choose to use only one, are all cost effective, efficiently managed and delivered quickly.Don’t see something that you need, ask us.

Our Design tools

  • PCB design tools
  • Mentor Graphics PADS and Power Logic
  • Mentor Graphics Expedition
  • Cadence ORCAD Capture
  • Cadence Allegro

This is a short list of the more widely used design suites.

  • Compiler suits
  • JTAG Debuggers

Don’t see the one you want used for your project, let us know. All of the above are trademarked and owned by the respective OEMs.