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Test Engineering Service

Increased test coverage and reduced test times are the key qualification tools for enabling the best production yield. As detection of the manufacturing faults after the shipment impacts the customer satisfaction and increases overall cost of test and repair, it is important for the FAB and Assembly houses to employ right Manufacturing Test Strategies. The product companies also need to collaborate with their FAB and Assembly houses and provide the right test processes, scripts and test programs.

Our Test Engineering group understands this manufacturing test strategies much better as we work very closely with the fabrication-house and assembly-house to produce quality PCB and packages. Our Test engineering services are created to help you to achieve better test coverage and test times at a reduced cost. We provide integrated test engineering solutions involving Boundary Scan Test, Functional Test and Test process and equipments automation.

Boundary scan

Boundary scan

  • Test Programs for Assembled PCB Testing.
  • In-system programming support for Flash and PLDs(CPLD, FPGAs etc).
  • DFT(Design for Testability) Analysis.
Functional Test

Functional Test

Custom Test Hardware Development

  • Specially designed hardware.
  • Test Software runs in the tester hardware.
  • Tester programmed to generate input signals and monitor output signals.
  • Multiple PCBs tested in parallel.
  • Tester hardware configurable(through software) to support different types of PCBs.
  • Test Scripts and log capture.
  • Reduced Test Time, Increased thoughput.

Functional Test Software Development(In-System)

  • Automated single button test.
  • Suitable for PCBA with MPU/MCU.
  • Test Software runs in the onboard MPU/MCU.
  • Test Software similar to Application Software.
  • Test Traffic data generation from MPU/MCU or onboard FPGAs
  • External connectors looped back or connected to low-cost test hardware.
  • Inbuilt User Interface.
  • Device Level Menu for Manual Testing.
  • Test Scripts and log capture.

Functional Test Software Development(External)

  • Automated single button test.
  • Suitable for PCBA with or without MPU/MCU.
  • Test Software runs in the low cost test hardware board and connected to the PCBA.
  • Inbuilt User Interface.
  • Device Level Menu for Manual Testing.
  • Test Scripts and log capture.

Device Level Test Software Development(Debug & Repair)

  • Suitable for PCBA Debug & Repair.
  • Fault identified at individual device level.
  • Read/Write/Loop Read/Loop Write device options.
  • Device functional menu for Debug.
  • Inbuilt User Interface
LabView Test Automation

LabView Test Automation

  • Complete Product Test Flow Automation.
  • Test time reduction with limited operator intervention.
  • Rich Operator Friendly GUI.
  • Automated Test Equipment Control.
  • Real Time parameters monitoring.
  • Test Results Integrated with the Test Database.
  • Consolidated Test Statistics.
  • Graphical representation of Test Data.